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The Republic of the Philippines, or The Philippines, is a democratic republic in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific Ocean, and a low-middle income country with an estimated nominal GDP of $310.312 billion. As of 2014, it ranked 115th out of 188 countries in terms of HDI, which is at 0.668.

The country is home to a vibrant civil society, with a generally perceived supportive government. However, in terms of governance and politics, it is marred by issues of graft and corruption and lack of transparency and accountability. The quality of basic social services remains low and inaccessible to poor Filipinos, especially the most marginalised and discriminated sectors.

These sectors, which are the focus groups of Voice, are common victims of the following: lack of access to legal protection and justice, social discrimination/stigma, abuse and violence, poverty and discrimination in employment, inadequate and poor social services and social protection, political exclusion and clientilism, invisibility in national data, and spatial exclusion.

It is in this regard that Voice Philippines calls on civil society organisations to join hands and develop initiatives that will help address these problems, and support the empowerment of the said sectors. For more details on the specific sectoral issues, please see the baseline report infographics.

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Voice Philippines is now accepting proposals under various grants following its National Launch on February 13, 2017. This grant facility is managed by the Voice country team in Manila, and coordinated by the Hivos Regional Office in Jakarta.

Philippines proudly joins the global call to leave no one behind and to reach the furthest behind first!