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  • Subvention

    Subventions d’Autonomisation

  • Groupes Cibles

    • Les femmes en risque d’exploitation, d’abus et/ou violence
    • Les personnes en situation de handicap

    Thèmes d’Impact

    • 01
      Meilleur accès aux services sociaux, comme la santé et l’éducation
    • 02
      Accès accru aux ressources (production) et à l’emploi (finance, terre et eau)
    • 03
      Environnement favorable pour une participation citoyenne
  • Applicant principal

    Union Malienne des Associations et Comités de Femmes Handicapées

    Montant financé:

    24,857 EURO

    Duration de projet

    15/11/2017 - 13/11/2019


  • Organisation

    The Union Malienne des Associations et Comites de Femmes Handicapées (UMAFH) was created in 2004 to bring women with disabilities together.  UMAFH consists of two women associations and nine committees, promoting inclusion and defending the  rights of all women living with disabilities (mental, visual, physical etc.…).

    UMAFH provides training to their members on leadership and business management, working in partnership with Handicap International in  building their capacity and creating more connections.

  • Projet

    The project Business and Disabilities: Mentoring female disabled entrepreneurs contributes to managing a Business centre creating new employment for woman with disabilities but more importantly mentoring women living with disabilities for their empowerment. Despite several initiatives to train and set up disabled women-run enterprises, coaching has been lacking which has resulted in a lack of competitiveness and market.

    This initiative develops the knowledge and skills of a group of ten business woman with new tools and coaching over a period of two years.   A training programme called Gerez Mieux Votre Entreprise (developed by ILO) is used to allow women to build up their confidence and business skills.

    The project also maps, networks and publishes the women entrepreneurs with disabilities in Bamako and beyond to allow for more visibility, peer learning and support.