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  • Subvention

    Subventions d’Influence

  • Groupes Cibles

    • Les personnes en situation de handicap

    Thèmes d’Impact

    • 01
      Meilleur accès aux services sociaux, comme la santé et l’éducation
    • 02
      Accès accru aux ressources (production) et à l’emploi (finance, terre et eau)
    • 03
      Environnement favorable pour une participation citoyenne
  • Montant financé:

    196,450 EURO

    Duration de projet

    01/08/2017 - 31/07/2020


  • Organisation

    The Federation Malienne pour des Personnes Handicappes (Malian Federation of Disabled People or FEMAPH) is a national organisation representing the interests of people with disabilities. FEMAPH is a member-based organisation, ensuring downward and upward accountability. Its fundamental mission is to make the general public recognise, defend and respect the fundamental rights of people with disabilities in the whole country and beyond. It influences decision-makers to support changes leading to reducing marginalisation and the discrimination of people with disabilities in their society.

  • Projet

    The Voice-funded project aims to build capacities in lobby and advocacy of FEMAPH and its members to amplify the voice of people with disabilities. People with disabilities in Mali are often victims of marginalisation and discrimination  especially when it concerns access to social services. It will actively involve all citizens on the UN Convention of the Rights of People with Disabilities.

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