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  • Organisation

    The Association Malienne pour la Protection des Albinos (AMPA) is a Malian community-based organisation set up to protect the rights and lives of people living with Albinism. Founded in 2013, registered as an association on June 4th, 2015 and launching their activities in 2016,. AMPA’s goal is to improve the living conditions of people living with Albinism and to  facilitate their social-economic integration into the community by advocating for their rights and protection. AMPA is a member-based organisation of people living with Albinism exclusively. The principle of Nothing About Us Without Us is strongly adhered too in AMPA’s work.

    In their words: « We first determine our objectives, then elaborate a calender with deadlines, we fix the internal rule and regulations we have to adhere to, we identify the needs to be addressed and the tasks to be divided according to the talents of each of us and we work in a pleasant ambiance and good moods. »

  • Projet

    The « Programme National de Sensibilisation sur les Discriminations sociales faitent a l’Egard des Personnes atteignent d’Albinisme (PROSED’A) or in English the National Awareness Programme on Social Discrimination against people with albinism is an empowerment project that aims to raise awareness at all levels in Mali about the fact that albinos are human beings who are sick, that they are citizens, compatriots who suffer and regardless of their status they have their place in society like everyone else.

    The project informs the general public about albinism, promotes the social integration of albinos by empowering them to trust each other and understand that they have their place in society, and trains them to familiarise themselves with the outside world to lead a life together with the rest of the population.

    As part of an influencing strategy, PROSED’A raises awareness of albinism with the authorities about the fact that albinos are isolated from  social life, stigmatised and even persecuted in some villages of Mali. Whether it is about access to schools or finding a job, albinos have a hard time finding their place in Mali.

    PROSED’A allows the involvement of a variety of stakeholders: authorities, a dermatologist, a trainer and the legislative power to fight for the freedom and insertion of albinos.