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  • Subvention

    Subventions d’Autonomisation

  • Groupes Cibles

    • Les personnes en situation de handicap
    • Les groupes vulnérables et discriminés selon l’âge, notamment les jeunes et les personnes âgées

    Thèmes d’Impact

    • 01
      Meilleur accès aux services sociaux, comme la santé et l’éducation
    • 02
      Accès accru aux ressources (production) et à l’emploi (finance, terre et eau)
    • 03
      Environnement favorable pour une participation citoyenne
  • Applicant principal


    Malian association for Mental Disabilities

    Montant financé:

    25,000 EURO

    Duration de projet

    15/11/2017 - 15/01/2019


  • Organisation

    Agoratoire is a cultural and artistic organisation created in 2008 in Mali by young musicians, singers, slammers, dramatists and designers.  Agoratoire is a space to promote arts and culture where musicians, drama artists and singers work together with and for children and young people to express themselves creatively and artistically through music, poetry, theatre and slam.

    Agoratoire also implements cultural activities at national and international level by giving workshops on capacity building, presenting at national and international festivals.

    In partnership with the Alliance Francaise in Mali, Agoratoire organises an annual international festival in slam and humour in Bamako. In anticipation of this, Agoratoire organises at national level a writing competition for students, pupils and other young people. Agoratoire offers also training on technical and pedagogical skills in writing and speaking contributing to develop young capacities to stand up  for their rights.

  • Projet

    Agoratoire in partnership with the Malian association for Mental Disabilities are working with youth living with mental disabilities to support them to express themselves artistically through a Voice project called the Voice of Kids with a Difference.

    The project creates space for exchange with community and parents of youth living with mental disabilities and work against their stigmatisation. The project allows these youngsters to stand up for their rights through artistic expression and Slam.

    The context analysis in Mali indicates that youth living with mental disabilities have limited access to education, social services and jobs, let alone music and dramatic arts. In the rural areas this is even more complicated, exposing them to neglect, abuse and in some cases violence. This is especially challenging for the girls. Malian culture prescribes girls to get married and be provided for by their husband; for girls with intellectual disabilities this is impossible.

    This project focuses on inclusion to strengthen youth living with mental disabilities and to develop their self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills to stand up for themselves. The overall objectives are:

    • Train and strengthen the slamming and dramatic art skills for youth with mental disabilities;
    • Promote the rights of youth with mental disabilities,  increasing their confidence against stigmatisation and marginalisation;
    • Provide access to culture and art for youth living with mental disabilities (such as festivals, radio, television, art exhibition).


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