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  • Grant

    Innovate and Learn Grant

  • Target Groups

    • Indigenous groups and ethnic minorities.
    • Age-discriminated vulnerable groups, notably the young and the elderly
    • Women facing exploitation, abuse and/or violence
    • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people
    • People living with disabilities


  • Grant amount

    5.000-200.000 Euro

    Project duration

    12 - 24 Months

    Closing date

    1 June & 1 October 2018
  • About

    Pressing and persistent social problems, conflicts and closing civic spaces around the country, calls out for more intelligent, effective, and innovative solutions. The need for greater cooperation among diverse marginalised and discriminated groups in the fields of community-related work is more pressing than ever before. Fostering collaborations can go a long way in creating societal change that impacts those issues.

    This Call for Proposals (CfP) is designed to help Voice in Kenya and its potential grantees to test as well as learn from innovation. There exist many new, interesting and effective methods for supporting the Voice target groups in participating in their own governance and improving access to resources and services.  Voice in Kenya hopes to capture and stimulate learning of these methods so as to develop an evidence-base for future programming.


    What do we wish to fund?

    Project ideas that focus on at least one, but preferably more of the five marginalised and discriminated groups within Voice:

    • People with disabilities
    • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gender, intersex (LGBTI) people
    • Women facing exploitation, abuse and/or violence
    • Age discriminated vulnerable groups notably the young and elderly
    • Indigenous groups and ethnic minorities.

    These groups are:

    • most affected by poverty or making least progress towards development outcomes;
    • most affected by social, economic, spatial and political exclusion;
    • currently ignored or not sufficiently reached by development actors;
    • at risk of repression or violence for speaking out for their rights.

    Often the most marginalised and discriminated are those who may be vulnerable due to multiple reasons. Groups that are affected by more than one factor are more vulnerable to discrimination and an emphasis on learning from programming to address this phenomenon is encouraged. Therefore we have a strong preference for projects that intend to work with more than one target group and demonstrate their interdependent relationships, and the great potential for healthful, societally beneficial collaborations. Showcase that all oppression is connected.

    Projects funded by Voice will need to address one or more of the impact themes:

    1. improving access to (productive) resources (finance, land and water) and employment
    2. improving access to social services, health and education in particular
    3. fostering space for political participation:


    What do we mean by Innovation?

    For Voice, innovation means anything that has not been tried before in a particular context and/or with a particular target group. If you have a new idea, method or approach, you are welcome to propose it in your application. Innovation also means using tried and tested influencing, mobilisation, meaningful engagement methods but for new purposes and with new target groups, audience and themes.


    Who do we wish to fund?

    Voice encourages networks, partnership and consortia applications because each organisation may bring new ideas to the project and each partner can learn from the other. You may also wish to partner with ‘unusual suspects’ such as media companies, campaigners, artists or ‘artivists’ who may disrupt traditional ways of programming within the civil society space.

    If your organisation, or consortia has implemented such programming before, then Voice could fund through this Call for Proposals to document, review, analyse and test your programming.  An essential element of the project should be some key recommendations for scaling up the programme and an effective dissemination plan of the findings.

    Funding for the Innovate & Learn Grant is for a minimum duration of 12- 24 months and for a grant of €5,000 to €200,000. Please note that we have removed the income restriction of 40% so also young start-ups can apply. Also note that we will not award a Euro 200,000 grant to a young start-up so be reasonable what you ask for.   


  • How to apply?

    Please take our eligibility test, available in the next tab, to make sure that you qualify for the grant.  In addition we ask that you review the Grant Manual before submitting an application.

    If after taking the test and reading the manual,  you believe you are eligible and interested in applying, please complete the following documents:

    1. Application form
    2. Budget template

    Only completed applications will be reviewed for which our templates need to be used and submitted via the online application system.  Voice encourages applicants to utilise different formats; audio and visual applications are encouraged, using the questions in the application form provided in your submission.

    Innovate and Learn grant applications can be submitted at any time but please note that review cycles will take place starting 1 June 2018 and 1 October 2018. This means anything submitted before that date will be reviewed as part of that review cycle, anything after will be reviewed during the next cycle.

    When will funding decision be made?

    All applications will be reviewed and decisions will be communicated to all applicants six weeks after the start of the review cycles. For exact dates please review the Grant Manual.

    Do you have any Questions?

    Questions about applying for a Voice grant may be submitted by email or during consultative sessions. Before doing so we urge you to review the Frequently Asked Questions via to see whether your question has already been responded to. If it hasn’t please contact . We will strive to give a quick response and if relevant will also upload your question to the website.

    Voice Kenya will be holding information sessions on 26th -29th March  from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm and 23rd  – 27th April – 1.30 pm to 2.30pm at Hivos EA , ACS Plaza, Lenana Road. That will be another opportunity to raise questions and share your ideas!

  • Eligibility Test


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