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Linking and learning is the heart and soul of Voice

When people connect, learning starts.
When people listen,  learning enhances.
When people do and act, learning deepens.

We exchange views, ideas, successes as well as challenges we encounter. We learn - we grow - we get inspired. New information can extend our horizon or face us with different realities and innovative ideas. Contact with people outside our daily circle can also show us the many ways people choose to express themselves.

When people and organisations meet, new opportunities to create networks or platforms emerge. Listening to and joining forces with other groups and organisations in similar circumstances we didn’t know about. Creating opportunities to amplify our voices and have more influence.

Voice linking and learning brings organisations and people together, online and face2face:

  • To share experiences and to explore shared questions (through for example Communities of Practice)
  • To discover what social change we aim for (our change agendas) and whether we can join hands to bring about that change
  • To test new ideas or tools / instruments and improve our ways of working (such as innovation labs, exchanges, learning events, Communities of Practice)
  • To reflect on what we do, how we do it and what can be done differently (such as feedback sessions with grantees, Communities of Stakeholders)
  • To learn about new topics or new approaches (Communities of Practice, knowledge exchanges, learning events)
  • To better understand mechanisms of exclusion and inclusion and what wé can do to change our attitude and be(come) inclusive to all Voice target groups.
  • And to have fun!

Linking and learning inspires us to:

Include – those furthest behind, those who are not around the table, those whom we often don’t see and don’t hear. At all levels of society and in all phases of our projects.

Innovate – what we do, with whom, what tools we use, how we do it

Influence – duty bearers and power holders as well as civil society to include the needs and priorities of the Voice target groups and to become aware of the effect of one person facing multiple forms of exclusion and discrimination

Linking and learning between grantees, target group representatives and other stakeholders surface questions and issues that benefit from a broader - for instance regional or global - approach. Global learning and knowledge exchanges enrich the learning for all involved in Voice. Through participation, the documented learning, video’s, blogs (or vlogs), discussion groups, you name it.

Voice is about social change in the lives of the most marginalised and discriminated people. Voice wants to learn about empowerment approaches and influencing methodologies that bring about social change (particularly in the three Voice impact themes). Voice also aims to learn about its own practice, about the Voice grant making and linking and learning activities.

Communities of Practice support us all to be creative, effective and inclusive in our linking and learning. Feedback sessions and involvement of grantees, Voice target groups and the Communities of Stakeholders has an important role helping us to improve the grant making (outreach, application, selection, contracting, monitoring) and to keep us sharp. We want to listen. Voice further aims to increase inclusion at all levels. In how we do things, how we facilitate meetings, what we write, how we interact.

We invite all grantees and other stakeholders to join us on a mission to inclusive linking and learning. We  offer access to documentation, capacity strengthening, barefoot guides, a workshop curriculum and multi-stakeholder events as a start.


Voice is committed to providing safe spaces filled with integrity and respect for ALL people and finances.

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