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Link and Learn

Linking and learning is at the heart of our grant making and approach. Voice brings together a rich variety of people, striving to live their lives as fully as possible. We invite all stakeholders to explore, test and scale innovative approaches and new knowledge.

Who will link and learn?


Focus is on People living with Disability, Lesbian Gays Bisexual Transgender and Intersex persons, indigenous people and ethnic minorities, Women facing exploitation, abuse and violence, and age discriminated people. And grantees, organisations and groups funded through Voice.

But the success of innovation and the power of influencing depend also on connecting the right people and embracing all views. Relevant civil society organisations, media, government agencies, researchers, religious leaders and others will be invited.

Voice creates space to meet and learn together, online and face2face, locally and globally.


What do we need to learn to be more effective in our support? Through the first global call for proposals, Learn from Innovation, we start by learning about what works and what doesn’t. Other questions may surface from the grants, learning events and communities of practice. Spaces where ideas thrive, connections are made and initiatives born. We also want to learn about:

    • Reaching out to different groups, how can this contribute to transformative change in the groups’ situation?
    • Innovative and effective Influencing strategies to strive for equal enjoyment of rights, access to appropriate services and having a say in decision making processes, and
    • Transformative strategies to Scale up successful empowerment approaches and link them with influencing and innovations?

Voice meets people where they are, on their terms, and acts modestly and flexibly, joins others to learn by doing, appreciates what is there and embraces diversity.

An exciting opportunity to meet and learn together