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  • Subvention

    Subventions d’Innovation et Apprentissage

  • Groupes Cibles

    • Les groupes vulnérables et discriminés selon l’âge, notamment les jeunes et les personnes âgées
    • Les femmes en risque d’exploitation, d’abus et/ou violence
    • Les personnes en situation de handicap

    Thèmes d’Impact

    • 01
      Meilleur accès aux services sociaux, comme la santé et l’éducation
    • 02
      Accès accru aux ressources (production) et à l’emploi (finance, terre et eau)
    • 03
      Environnement favorable pour une participation citoyenne
  • Partenaires

    DEVE Mali

    Montant financé:

    110,000 EURO

    Duration de projet

    15/11/2017 - 15/01/2019


  • Organisation

    The Association des Jeunes pour la Citoyenneté Active et la Démocratie (AJCAD) is a youth-led organisation registered in Mali in 2014. The association was created by youth who were convinced about the key role youth needs to play in development and human rights restoration in the fragile country. The founders are young activists who are strongly involved in several youth-related activities such as: promoting and advocating for reproductive health, good governance and human rights.

    After multiple activities implemented with Oxfam-Novib as part of the programme My Rights My Voice, young people have discovered their responsibilities. In 2013 during the presidential and parliamentary elections AJCAD organised a space for discussions and debates among candidates. They also sensitised the Malian voters to register on the electoral lists and vote. And finally a youth manifesto was submitted to each candidate scrutinising their campaign programme  on overall well-being.Based on the impact of these activities undertaken at community level, particularly on youth and women, AJCAD decided to standardise its approach in term of sustainability focusing on the well-being of people. Their goal is to bring about change in the following fields:

    • Promoting leadership among youth;
    • Participating in the development, monitoring and evaluation of youth policies in Mali;
    • Strengthening the capacity of youth;
    • Cultivating the spirit of citizenship among young people;
    • Informing and educating the population on sexual and reproductive health;
    • Promoting high quality education, active citizenship and good governance;
    • Promoting youth human rights.

    AJCAD is a member of the National Youth Movement Network and is directed by a woman. Keen to gender balance, AJCAD steering committee is composed of four women and four men.

  • Projet

    After carrying out a survey on people living with disabilities, the consortium AJCAD/DEVE realised that there are two principles underpinning their daily challenges. According to them the discrimination and stigmatisation can be categorised as follows:
    1. On the one hand, people living with disabilities in rural and urban areas are still perceived to have a miserable life and a lack of intelligence due to misconception, popular and cultural beliefs.
    2. On other hand, the access of people living with disabilities to various services and their overall rights are severely limited.

    AJCAD and its partner DEVE Mali had been observing this level of discrimination and have now decided to take action : a project to promote a positive image of people living with disabilities by documenting and eventually eliminating the attacks and discrimination that they are exposed to.  Through media engagement, arts and culture, Shadow to Light is  implemented in the regions of Ségou, Sikasso and the District of Bamako. The choice of those regions is explained by the presence of AJCAD and DEVE in the selected areas, and also strong vulnerability.